Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Infinite Love

My love for you cannot be measured
by days, weeks nor seasons
for it flows endlessly into
infinite neverending space

Where time stops, holding still
 and everything remains the same
the earth revolves
and the sun shines over the horizon

my heart holds you inside
quiet and safe
and the world doesn't matter
outside there with their cynicism and doubt

For what you give me is pure and true
and reaches deeper than the depths of the ocean
Higher than the point of the hightest mountain
and further than than any obstacles in our way

I need you as a flower needs the moisture of the rain
soaking it in, absorbing it so that it may bloom
and it's beauty will be given to you
without fear nor doubt

the pedals opening and reaching
its pollen is ready to be tasted
and enjoyed by the one who
gave it life, for he is life

Like a tiger
so strong and beautiful
arising out of the jungle
a powerful and awesome creature

I shall be your lioness
ready and willing
to be by your side
always loyal to my loving man  

navigating through life
just seeking a way
for our two souls to
be reunited
under a starry sky

where dreams come true
fantasies become reality
and two flames light the way
guiding our souls together in unity

forever after, nothing will be the same
the love contained inside of us will explode
with fireworks of absolute beauty and unbridled passion 
both of which we have never felt in this lifetime

and when we hold each other
and I look into your eyes
and tell you that I love you
you will know how worthy you are
how truly loved and cherished you are
and that you are home...

1 comment:

  1. Lauren,

    This poem and "The Moon Will Still Shine" are simply brillant and beautiful pieces. I'll even venture to say that they're masterpieces, the work of a wonderful mind and special writer. Please keep sharing your timeless gift with the world.