Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seed of Love....


You planted a seed
of love deep inside my soul
nurturing it, watering it
watching it grow

from an empty place
my heart blooms
desire, hope, truth
my spirit consumes

colors ignite
like fireworks within
mind inspired
for I am your yin

You are my yang
together we have become
two souls united
joined as one

I dreamt of you
a hundred times or more
and I will dream of you

Seasons change
and life continues on
but my love for you
remains ever strong

for you planted a seed
where strong roots have grown
always to remain
the only love I have known

and I will love you
and help your heart grow too
an amazing, wonderful man
who showed me love so true

My garden of love will continue to blossom
under the light of your smile
and one day when we are together 
though it may take awhile....

our hands will touch...
our eyes will meet...
and love...
it will be all be complete.. 

1 comment:

  1. Lauren, I am truly taken aback at the beauty with which you write. Simply beautiful!