Friday, January 21, 2011

Painted on smile

Lipstick put on
like a painted on smile
nobody will notice
the sadness for awhile  

Mascara applied
to lashes of disguise
nobody will notice..
the moisture in her eyes

Blush brushed on
hiding tear streaked cheeks
covering up sorrow
of the love she seeks

a painted on face
to hide the pain
that she could never tell
or try to explain

So she will smile
and laugh
and glow
and nobody will ever know

that the mask that she wears
protects her from herself
with just a few touchups
she can become someone else

Until she gets home
and removes it all
only to have to face
her feelings after all....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Empty Promises

Broken heart
insecurity, fears
lonely soul
hidden tears

Lies were said
promises broken
silent voices of
words unspoken

Lips sealed
with secrets untold
of a broken heart
that turned cold

False illusions
thought to be true
inside thoughts
of love for you

Creeps into my soul
like an empty hole
patched with sadness

A painted smile
only for awhile

Empty promises
just a fantasy
of a love
that could never be...

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Heart Saw Love

I sit outside
gazing at the winter moon
breathing in the cool air
and exhaling all my worries

yet, within the coldness of my breath
pain remains and my eyes are moist
and I will never be the same again

I know this now
I know a love unconditional
that pulls me towards it
as the moon guides the waves

My heart.. safe, content
never knowing full joy
now has opened
like a rose blooming
under the warm rays of the sun

for your beautiful soul
touched it, changed it
it cannot go back
to the way it was before

for my heart saw love
and it will not forget
cannot let go
of something so real

as I sit alone
a void has formed
like the emptiness
in the starless sky

I feel as if happiness
has been left behind
in a dream
of such vivid beauty

I am no longer
a single being
on this great earth
but part of another

My body is frozen
but my heart has thawed
and the pain of separation
is burning a hole

I must get warm now
and go to sleep
where I can once again
touch, feel, embrace, dream

I will never be the same
For my heart saw love....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Footprints in the Snow

I step outdoors
and feel the cold winter wind blow
icy, biting and cruel
I leave footprints in the snow..

just a temporary imprint
to say "I was here"
The rustling trees whisper
are you really there?

Too busy running
from things I cannot face
while my footprints in the snow
get quickly replaced

by others footprints
running just like me
and forgettting what it is like
to stop, breathe and just to be

Too busy chasing
that all elusive dream
trying to break through
the day to day regime

I walk by bent branches
weighed down by snow
as I leave more footprints
trying to meet the status quo

but my prints are only temporary
and not there to stay
and there is no happiness
in me running along this way

but still, I hustle along with the crowd
leaving my footprints in the snow
and wishing the sun will soon come out
with its rays of hope aglow

With the warmth will come,
a renewed hope and chance
to  give love, receive love
not run through life, but to dance

to make a permanent footprint
somewhere, somehow, someway
as my footprints in the snow
begin to slowly melt away.....

Friday, January 14, 2011


Wrapped up in a tight package
safe, protected from the vicious claws that try
to reach in and tear it open
only to leave it vulnerable to the wolves

So I kept it wrapped tightly
hidden away
until a day came..a day like every other
except on this day..I felt a soft tug
I held onto it even tighter..
who is this person gently tugging at what I hold dear
not tearing at it or trying to fool me with shallow words
so that I will open and reveal what lies inside

Is this a wolf disguised as a kind soul
who will gently unwrap this package I have
held for so long, with his magical words and charming ways.
Do I chance letting it slowly unravel
until it shines and radiates all the love it holds inside
therefore exposing it to the harshness and raw pain
that could occur if I do not protect it

If I turn this person away and
 he is not a wolf like the others
then the love though safe, will simply,
eventually, wither away..only to be forgotten..
the feelings and emotions that It could
help me to feel..will be memories no longer felt
my heart cries to be set free...
but my mind says the pain is too deep
and the memories are too new
and  so I chose to keep it wrapped up
the chance is too great
for love is too powerful

Monday, January 3, 2011

Soul Mates....

You were my angel
sent from God above
you opened up a broken heart
with a key made out of love

We shared our souls
you inspired me deep within
and I believed a true romance
was about to begin

You sent me music
songs that brought me to life..
and I dreamed sweet dreams..
and of being your future wife

I longed to kiss you,
I longed for your touch
As time went by
the distance became too much...

Unanswered questions
of what the future would bring
We would meet in the winter.
but would I see you in the spring?

Would you break my heart someday
after I gave you my all..
would you find a way for us to connect
in more ways than a call..?

The time came one day
when we had to decide
to let go
or keep the dream alive

I will never know
whether the choice was wrong
or right
but I made a decision to let go
that cold and lonely night.

Forever, I will cherish
that time and how I feel
for I will never pretend
that what we had wasn't real.

I will forever hold you in my heart
and pray to God above
that maybe someday, someway..
Fate will allow us this love..