Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hearts Chance

I know in the end
my heart will be broken
behind silent tears
and words yet unspoken

I am starting to waver
intuition you may say
a tiny little voice inside
telling me to run away

To save myself
before I am through
to once again become numb
as I was before you

how dare you to come along
knowing you held the one key
that could open up the door
of emotions deep inside of me

I don't know what to do
what to feel or what to say
do I sit here and wait
do I leave, do I stay?

At this point I believe
that the choice is not mine
that my heart has taken over
crossed the boundary line

So I will keep loving you
hope my trust you will not forsake
for my heart is delicate and fragile
and like glass can easily break

I will ltry to live in the moment
try not to jump before I fall
have faith that just maybe
You will stay after all ...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beside You

I want to help you
to take your pain away
I only know to hold you
but I don't know what to say

My only intinct is to care
to remain loyal by your side
to let you know you aren't alone
through this roller coaster ride

My heart aches inside
to know how scared you must be
I am so glad that you have opened up
to share your feelings with me

We will get through this
our love stronger in spite
and as sure as the moon shines
in the sky every night

I will make a promise to you
that by your side I will stay
to comfort you and hold your hand
through whatever comes our way

I will help you however I can
and my heart will remain true
and though words cannot change things
I hope my love will comfort you..xoxo

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am a careful woman
carrying the weight of pain
chains pulling me down
as they cut through my skin

I am a careful woman
moisture forms on my cheeks
my burning eyes have seen too much
for this heart to bear

I am a careful woman
scars like reminders
of a time not long ago
despair being my only friend

I am a careful woman
lonliness comforts me
for peace replaces chaos
and safety erases fear

I am a careful woman
hidden behind a shield
peering out to just see
the world left behind

I am a careful woman
distance protects me
from an uncertain future
of sadness and loss

I am a careful woman
but beneath the strong exterior
lies a scared, hurt girl
afraid to let love in again ....


Saturday, May 7, 2011


Darkness steals it away
like a thief in the night
as the moon shines through
with its bright glowing light

I toss and I turn
trying to put my mind at ease
I open my bedroom window
to get air and feel a breeze

Still sleep evades me
and my worries multiply
as a tear drop falls down my cheek
I try my hardest not to cry

Like a deep dark hole
it takes away my peace
as I try to dream of wonderful places
bad thoughts it won't release

my heart begins to pound
my breathing become fast
as I try to tell myself
that this feeling will not last

the clock ticks
as mornings sun begins to rise
I hear the birds outside
as I lie there with heavy eyes

A new day has begun
as my mind and body still fight
I give up the battle
as my bedroom welcomes light.....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Captured by Love..

Captured by Love

I almost gave up on love once
thought my feelings I could control
Until his kiss touched me within
 reaching deep into my soul

I tried to look away from him
fight the emotions rising inside
but my walls started crumbling
rushing in like the ocean's tide

I felt myself come alive again
fears erased by a soft touch
I tried to will it all away
but I began to care too much

I dont know what the future holds
insecurities sometimes still arise
but then it all seems ok 
looking into his loving eyes

I never expected this to happen
I no longer hear the warning alarms
I never thought I would once again
feel I belong in someones arms

I will put my trust in destiny
Fate will show me the way
and If somehow I get hurt
I know I will be okay

For now I will enjoy each moment
and not worry about the future days
accept the love that has been given to me
that has set my heart ablaze

I will surrender myself to him
and trust in God up above
for when I put my guard down
He captured me with his love.....  

The Best for You

The light of my life
the glow of my soul
I will always be with you
wherever you go...

Feel me in your heart
taking away your pain
the sunshine that warms you
from the cold, wet rain

No matter what may come
or who he may be
a place for you is held
deep inside of me

You must open your heart
for love is not always perfect and clear
if you just allow it in
if you continue to persevere

The imperfections will not matter
when you look into their eyes
for love conquers all
reaches beyond the deep blue skies

Where he or she lacks
you will fulfill
as they will do unto you
and your mind will be still

All that will matter
is the feeling in your heart
and the way you will yearn for them
when you are apart

You will not think
of what they lack
when you feel their soft touch
on your arms, hands and back

The key to true happiness
is to let go of it all
trust in God above
listen to his call

He will guide you
to the arms you belong
to the person you were meant for
and supposed to be with all along

Happiness is waiting
for a gem such as you
forever I will only want
what is best for you 11:11

Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn!!

One of my favorite movies..Breakfast at Tiffany's. Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn who would have been 82 today. So much class & grace. You don't see actresses like her anymore.