Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vision of the Pre-Dream State of Mind

In the pre-dream state
between conscious and unconscious
is when my clearest thoughts occur

This is when my mind is free of the clutter
of life, bills, worries
and open to my heart and soul

This is when my creative juices flow
ideas pop into my head
as the darkness behind my eyes
forms shapes and colors

I am inspired by dreams
and thoughts buried
held for tomorrows that never came

they arise out of the mist and blur
and light my heart and awaken my my mind
I enter a magical world
where can't, won't, not possible does not exist

just freedom, time and space
within myself
nowhere else

I can go so far and dream so big
there are no boundaries
no wrong, no right

just an open field of possibilities
visions, dreams
the spirit runs free
words flow
swirl inside my head

I say to myself..tomorrow I will remember ....
as I slowly drift into the unconscious state
of dreams soon to be forgotten
and all the thoughts, ideas and possibilities
are erased..put back into the recess of my mind
until next time.

the alarm rings
reality comes to life
and the day begins.


  1. OMG, Lauren, what beautifu writing!!! I loved the last three poems, so deep. In the article "Twin Souls", Harusami sums up the very best advice on this subject: "Do not fear being wrong." She is so right!

  2. BTW, true love never withers away. True love is eternal and will aways endure beyond time and space. I'll be highlighting some articles on this on my blog and I invite you to check it out. Love your writing!

  3. Thank you :). I just read your newest blog entry and to say I am impressed is putting it lightly..seriously beautiful, heartfelt writing. I look forward to reading more! :)