Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Day I Will Look for Love

one day I will look for love..
over a mountain top..
and there will be no clouds
causing the search to stop..

for the sun will shine
light a pathway before me
as birds sing a tune of joy
walk, walk towards your destiny!

roads left behind me
hurt blown away by the wind
heartache crushed beneath footprints
no more words to rescind

for silence brings peace
dust blows, the pathway winding
but my vision is clear
though the dirt is blinding

For in the distance ahead
lies the man holding a heart
an emptiness fills me
rivers keeping us apart

but he will walk down to the bank
at the edge of the sand
trust me he will say
while holding MY heart in hand

I will reach out for my heart
yet it will feel fuller than before
what a strange feeling
one i have never felt before

and there he will stand
to say "I am so glad you arrived
for it took so much time
look at all you have survived".

But in order to be ready
to give your love to me
you needed to let go
and let your heart be free 

Through all your hardships
through your pain and trials
this gave you the strength
to walk all these miles

here I stand
now that you have found yourself
you are now ready
to take your heart off the shelf

and be happy, be loved
grow old with me
this journey has been mapped out
to reach your destiny..

So take my hand
you safe now he will say
forever begins now
and I will never go away....


  1. Lauren,

    Quite simply... BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING!

    I can’t help but picture a mighty and bright lighthouse helping a boat reach safe harbor, at last, after a long and hard voyage through some very rough seas and terrible storms. Safely ashore, finally, this time forever.

  2. This is a well written piece Lauren.. I especially like "while holding MY heart in hand" line. You certainly are a talented woman.

  3. Thank you! I had to go in and take out a few verses and edit it..actually it was supposed to be saved as a draft but I posted it instead! LOL..it's a little better now..I appreciate the comments :).