Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Dearest Uncle

Dear Uncle Larry,

Tonight I sit here and I feel you with me.  A few hours ago I said goodbye to you.   Goodbye for now.  I know someday I will see you again.  You were a man of so much faith and taught me so many valuable lessons.  You taught me to live a simple but full life.  You taught me to take life one day at a time.  You gave of yourself selflessly to so many people! You were and always will be so, so loved. 

About five weeks ago you were diagnosed with cancer. You never complained not once.  You faced it like the brave man you have always been.  Many years ago you were one of the first people to get a liver bi-pass.  You weren't supposed to live long, nobody really expected it.  I'm not surprised that you lived 35 more years. You were meant to be here and make a difference in lives and you did.  You saved so many lives, you were a loyal friend, loving brother, uncle and father.

Earlier today you friends were sharing stories of you.  They told me a story of you getting into a car accident.  It was the other persons fault..a woman.  You went up to her to make sure she was okay and apologized.  She said it was her fault and was all upset.  The police came and you took the blame because you felt bad for her.  Your insurance went up but you didn't care.  You spent many holidays  helping the less fortunate.  That was who you were. 

I am blessed that I got to say goodbye and spend some time with you.  You weren't here long enough but while you were made such a difference.  Your life was not in vain.  You will be missed so much but I find comfort in knowing you are now at peace.  You are with the angels now and I know you will guide us and watch out for us from above. 

Thank you so much for being the uncle that you were to me. ~ Love always, Your Princess

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  1. Lauren,

    This is quite simply a beautiful and moving eulogy. The Bible says that humility goes before honor and the story about the car accident with the distressed lady shows that Uncle Larry had both honor and humiity in spades. How can you not love such a guy?

    Although he belongs to the ages now, I bet all of your friends and family would have much preferred that he still be here with them. However, no matter how much we want him back, we shall never be able to see him again in this world. But one day he will be reunited with his friends and family again; once more they will be able to look into those smiling Irish eyes and that wonderful and assuring smile and this time it will last forever.

    RIP Uncle Larry, thanks for the memories and thank you so much for being there for your Princess Lauren, who I know you loved as much, or more, than a daughter.