Monday, July 11, 2011

I will miss you

A warm breeze blows
and I feel your spirit around me
bringing me a sense of peace
love and comfort cradle me

The pain aches
the emptiness a void
but I hear your voice
and it touches my soul

for I know you are not gone
the spirit does not die
but remains always
teaching, showing, guiding

and in the darkness of the night
when I feel alone
your words speak to me
and guide me to rest

Sometimes I awake
tears falling gently down my cheek
anger takes over
for for it is not fair that you are gone

After helping so many
doing such good in the world
saving lives, touching lives
while sacrificing your own.

Suddenly a voice speaks
and says to me
"his job  here is done"
God needs him in heaven now

For he is the angel he was meant to be
and from above will guide us
and like a shining star in the night sky
his light will forever remain in our hearts.

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