Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shadows Cast Beneath the Moon...

Eternity is forever
yet some flames burn out to soon
leaving us in blackened darkness
shadows cast beneath the moon

Love wraps itself around us
but it is neither friend nor foe
something much more mysterious
than the mind could ever know

It can carve scars in our soul
as deep as canyons in a valley
leave the heart a cavernous cave
spirit lost in a blind, dark alley

and the only truth, our only truth
lies somewhere in between
what once was real and true
and a future yet unforeseen

and in the denseness of the foggy midst
through the swirls of ominous gray
we walk an unchosen path called fate
and try to find our way..

then one starry, hopeful night
the sky illuminated by a large white balloon
the sillhouette of two lovers appear
as shadows cast beneath the moon....


  1. Another gem, superb use of literary imagery!

  2. Beautifully written <3