Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thoughts run wild
Heart yearns to be free
yet somehow this man
has a hold on me....

I cling to myself
or else my light will dim
will my love run away
from what lies within?

To be who he wants
there is a price to be paid
so instead of looking up to the sun
you hide yourself in the shade

until one day,
something will awake
and no matter what you do
the feeling doesn't shake

So you start to come out
and let yourself shine
and you run so fast
leave it all behind

Though you are alone
with a broken heart
you now have hope
passion and a spark

For never let that dull
or the light in your eyes
fade into someone else
behind a smiles disguise

Shine bright, shine high
be strong be proud
never hide who you are
cry out and yell loud

Create and dream
set your passions free
and when you look in the mirror
say "today I wil be me!"

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