Friday, January 14, 2011


Wrapped up in a tight package
safe, protected from the vicious claws that try
to reach in and tear it open
only to leave it vulnerable to the wolves

So I kept it wrapped tightly
hidden away
until a day came..a day like every other
except on this day..I felt a soft tug
I held onto it even tighter..
who is this person gently tugging at what I hold dear
not tearing at it or trying to fool me with shallow words
so that I will open and reveal what lies inside

Is this a wolf disguised as a kind soul
who will gently unwrap this package I have
held for so long, with his magical words and charming ways.
Do I chance letting it slowly unravel
until it shines and radiates all the love it holds inside
therefore exposing it to the harshness and raw pain
that could occur if I do not protect it

If I turn this person away and
 he is not a wolf like the others
then the love though safe, will simply,
eventually, wither away..only to be forgotten..
the feelings and emotions that It could
help me to feel..will be memories no longer felt
my heart cries to be set free...
but my mind says the pain is too deep
and the memories are too new
and  so I chose to keep it wrapped up
the chance is too great
for love is too powerful

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