Monday, January 3, 2011

Soul Mates....

You were my angel
sent from God above
you opened up a broken heart
with a key made out of love

We shared our souls
you inspired me deep within
and I believed a true romance
was about to begin

You sent me music
songs that brought me to life..
and I dreamed sweet dreams..
and of being your future wife

I longed to kiss you,
I longed for your touch
As time went by
the distance became too much...

Unanswered questions
of what the future would bring
We would meet in the winter.
but would I see you in the spring?

Would you break my heart someday
after I gave you my all..
would you find a way for us to connect
in more ways than a call..?

The time came one day
when we had to decide
to let go
or keep the dream alive

I will never know
whether the choice was wrong
or right
but I made a decision to let go
that cold and lonely night.

Forever, I will cherish
that time and how I feel
for I will never pretend
that what we had wasn't real.

I will forever hold you in my heart
and pray to God above
that maybe someday, someway..
Fate will allow us this love..


  1. This is beautiful! Let's get a someone to combine our stuff and get published! :)

  2. We really should Dan!! I am going to look into it..and thank you ! :)