Monday, January 17, 2011

My Heart Saw Love

I sit outside
gazing at the winter moon
breathing in the cool air
and exhaling all my worries

yet, within the coldness of my breath
pain remains and my eyes are moist
and I will never be the same again

I know this now
I know a love unconditional
that pulls me towards it
as the moon guides the waves

My heart.. safe, content
never knowing full joy
now has opened
like a rose blooming
under the warm rays of the sun

for your beautiful soul
touched it, changed it
it cannot go back
to the way it was before

for my heart saw love
and it will not forget
cannot let go
of something so real

as I sit alone
a void has formed
like the emptiness
in the starless sky

I feel as if happiness
has been left behind
in a dream
of such vivid beauty

I am no longer
a single being
on this great earth
but part of another

My body is frozen
but my heart has thawed
and the pain of separation
is burning a hole

I must get warm now
and go to sleep
where I can once again
touch, feel, embrace, dream

I will never be the same
For my heart saw love....


  1. This is great Lauren! I'd like to see something darker from you.. something expressing the pain you have experienced. You write so beautifully about love. I think that one cannot write so beautifully about lve without have experienced emotional pain.

  2. Lauren, love this! So beautiful!!!

  3. Hi Dan, great point you make. But, as you know, the writer's craft springs from the imprints past experiences have left on the soul. What if the love Lauren is feeling right now has obliteraed the bad feelings from the past? What if that love has killed off all the demons that tortured her mind? I think a butterfly would much rather focus on being a butterfly now, rather than on its past as a worm, no?

    In my opinion, love is the ultimate power of the universe and the more you write about it, the better. Just my opinion, of course :)

  4. Well, in my experience..from love comes's just that writing about the pain is a very difficult thing..but a great way to heal. Dan, I have many dark, depressing poems that I will share :).