Sunday, January 16, 2011

Footprints in the Snow

I step outdoors
and feel the cold winter wind blow
icy, biting and cruel
I leave footprints in the snow..

just a temporary imprint
to say "I was here"
The rustling trees whisper
are you really there?

Too busy running
from things I cannot face
while my footprints in the snow
get quickly replaced

by others footprints
running just like me
and forgettting what it is like
to stop, breathe and just to be

Too busy chasing
that all elusive dream
trying to break through
the day to day regime

I walk by bent branches
weighed down by snow
as I leave more footprints
trying to meet the status quo

but my prints are only temporary
and not there to stay
and there is no happiness
in me running along this way

but still, I hustle along with the crowd
leaving my footprints in the snow
and wishing the sun will soon come out
with its rays of hope aglow

With the warmth will come,
a renewed hope and chance
to  give love, receive love
not run through life, but to dance

to make a permanent footprint
somewhere, somehow, someway
as my footprints in the snow
begin to slowly melt away.....

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