Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am a storm..

I am a storm
black clouds cover me
run while you can
far, far away from me

I will only hurt you
and cause your heart pain
and my gray swirling sky
will fill your days with rain

for like a storm
I move quickly through
and although my heart
may long for you

It is not who I am
my love cannot be given away
for the winds of this storm
must blow swiftly away

twisting in the nigth sky
thunderous and dark
my emotions explode
and like a lightening spark

I slowly fade away
for I am a storm
and after all these years
I just can't transform

seek comfort in love
know a force so strong
will love you deeply
but cannot stay long

when I am gone
and the sun shines again
and the dew drops remain
you will know then

that shelter can be sought
under a sunny canopy
you deserve someone
that I could never be

in this life time
this must be my form
and i will only cause damage
for I am a storm

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