Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moment of Contentment..

Silence echoes
as the heaviness of the day
reaches my eyes
and my mind drifts away

thoughts rest in my mind
as I let go and just be
comfort in my soul
reaching serenity

gratitude for all that is
strength that carries me far
away from this cold world
to a brightly lit star

in the arms of a higher power
I know where I belong
to fill empty souls with love
to fill their spirits with song

for my duty is to be the change
for my blessings to give back
to follow the path forged for me
on a beaten worn out track

through each obstacle
the angels voices say
the light will see me through
illuminating the way

As I drift off to sleep
I will take what life has given me
for tomorrow I will do my best
to follow my hearts destiny...