Monday, April 4, 2011

Penny the Penguin from Penguainia

(I wrote this for a contest...The prompt was that it had to be a rhyming story about a Penguin from Penguainia that loved fish! There were only 20 left on the island and so the Penguin came up with a plan.  To steal some from the New York City Zoo.  It was fun to write about! Here's my version.)

I am Penny the Penguin from Penguainia
there are only 20 fish left in all the land
and I am faced with quite the dilemma
I love fish, this is too much to withstand!

I talked to Pauly Polar Bear
who told me there was fish  at the zoo
but I had to reach New York City
it was the only thing I could do!!!

So Pauly and I came up with a plan
for me leave Penguainia right away
I would wait for the next tour boat
jump on and stow away!

The tour boat arrived
Pauly gave them a show
while I waddled as fast as I could
and hid beneath the bow

The boat was ready to leave
and Pauly bid me farewell
"Come back with fish!" he cried
and the boat began to propel

Eventually the boat landed
but New York City we were not
there were no city buildings
this was a sandy and warm spot

So I waddled amongst the passerngers
caught up in the crowd
until a wonderful smell caught my senses
"fish!" I yelled outloud

Right before my eyes
like a beautiful oasis before me
Appeared a large fish market
oh, It filled me with much glee!

I could  not help myself
as I heard Pauly in my mind yelling "Go!"
I slid underneath the table
and eyed a nice piece of turbot

I grabbed it quickly
with my beak as tight as I was able
"Come back here with my fish!"
yelled the man behind the table.

As I was running with the fish
not paying attention to the ground
I stepped on a board with wheels
that spun me round and round

Down a hill I rolled
fish still in beak
I rolled right into a truck
man I had to change my technique!

I swallowed the fish
and as I looked up to my surprise
was a NYC license plate
and a window full of tiny eyes!!

As the driver got out
to see what hit his truck
he opened up the doors to check on
what I clearly saw was a duck!

Before he shut the door
I jumped in with fish on my mind
the tiny eyes just stared
I am a penguin bear in mind!!

As my eyes adjusted
I saw the ducks more clear
as what seemed to be the leader
approached me with no fear

A Penguin in Florida?
He asked, looking for a clue
"I am headed for New York City", I replied
I am looking for the zoo.

My name is Durango he said
and welcome to our truck
my new little penguin friend
you are in a  lot of luck!

Durango explained
that they were too
heading on a journey
to the New York City Zoo!

What are the chances?
a million to one?
I knew my mission was fate
I had to complete my fish run

Durango and I shared stories
about our mutual love for fish
and he told me they would help me
and assist me with my wish

The trip was lengthy
but finally we arrived
before the doors opened
a plan was already contrived

Durango and his crew of ducks
would flutter and distract
as I sought to steal the fish
in one extremely brave act

As the ducks fluttered
quacked and divided
I looked for the pond
where the fish all resided

I finally found it
as my eyes opened wide
Now I had to get the fish
back to the truck and inside!

I saw an empty feed bucket
and quickly piled the fish inside
and dragged the bucket to the truck
in order to quickly hide!

The truck arrived back in Florida
Now the tour boat I had to reach!
I saw it docked along the pier
along the sandy beach

I dragged the bucket along
thinking mmm...they looked delish
when i heard a voice yell out
"Hey, it's you that stole my fish!"

A man started chasing me
The man from the fish market store!
I dragged the heavy bucket
to a surfboard on the shore

I had no choice
but to jump on board
as I glided through the waters
holding tight to my award

The tour boat floated by
and I threw the fish on deck
then jumped over the rail
to complete this final trek

I scurried with my bucket
and safely hid beneath the bow
to head back to Penguania
with my fish now in tow

I got hungry on the trip back
it was such a long quest
and the fish smelled so good
"Just one", I said,  "I'll save the rest."

My belly was full
As Penguania came into sight
but as I picked up the bucket
it seemed kind of light

I looked down in the bucket
the fish had disappeared
and I realized what happened
it was as I had feared

I loved fish too much
and I ate every last one
I sighed with my bucket in hand
as my new adventure had just begun....

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  1. I LOVE this Lauren, love, love love; what a charming story!

    You have to get this into the hands of a children's book publisher. I can see little kids all over America falling in love with Penny the Penguin! Maybe you have a successful franchise on your hands?

    I'm sending you a list of publishers. When you get the list start calling them and get this into someone's hands, ok? This is GREAT stuff, believe me, great!