Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beside You

I want to help you
to take your pain away
I only know to hold you
but I don't know what to say

My only intinct is to care
to remain loyal by your side
to let you know you aren't alone
through this roller coaster ride

My heart aches inside
to know how scared you must be
I am so glad that you have opened up
to share your feelings with me

We will get through this
our love stronger in spite
and as sure as the moon shines
in the sky every night

I will make a promise to you
that by your side I will stay
to comfort you and hold your hand
through whatever comes our way

I will help you however I can
and my heart will remain true
and though words cannot change things
I hope my love will comfort you..xoxo


  1. Wonderful ode on the redemptive power of love. Again, you are a genius at using emotional imagery; so mant great ones here: the rollercoster ride, the hands held tight, the aching heart, the shining moon. Wow, just superb poetry!

  2. Lauren.. you certainly are a talented poet.. However.. I do feel as if this one was slightly forced and it doesnt flow as well as some of your others. But beautiful none-the-less :)

  3. Dan, you are on point as was definitely forced..I knew that and just put it out there anyway. thank you!! I always appreciate your honesty and constructive critism:)