Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am a careful woman
carrying the weight of pain
chains pulling me down
as they cut through my skin

I am a careful woman
moisture forms on my cheeks
my burning eyes have seen too much
for this heart to bear

I am a careful woman
scars like reminders
of a time not long ago
despair being my only friend

I am a careful woman
lonliness comforts me
for peace replaces chaos
and safety erases fear

I am a careful woman
hidden behind a shield
peering out to just see
the world left behind

I am a careful woman
distance protects me
from an uncertain future
of sadness and loss

I am a careful woman
but beneath the strong exterior
lies a scared, hurt girl
afraid to let love in again ....



  1. Lauren,

    I see a lot of Emily Dickinson in you when you write like this. Emily, though, had NO good news to proclaim. Despair, mourning, melancholia, psychic pain and erotic suffering were just some of her materia poetica. Where could such an extraordinary spirit such as Emily hope to find her equal? Well, she never did in this world. But, you HAVE and it’s a wonderful gift, isn’t it?

    “Moment of Contentment”, “After All These Years” and “Captured By Love” all are poems of hope for a better future and, being that these are all recent poems, they point to the fact that your poetry has remained consistently excellent. Remember, no matter how dark the night, the sun shall ALWAYS rise in the morning, giving is the promise and potential of a brand new day.

    Please keep writing!

  2. This is beautiful Lauren.. You are inspiring!