Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Best for You

The light of my life
the glow of my soul
I will always be with you
wherever you go...

Feel me in your heart
taking away your pain
the sunshine that warms you
from the cold, wet rain

No matter what may come
or who he may be
a place for you is held
deep inside of me

You must open your heart
for love is not always perfect and clear
if you just allow it in
if you continue to persevere

The imperfections will not matter
when you look into their eyes
for love conquers all
reaches beyond the deep blue skies

Where he or she lacks
you will fulfill
as they will do unto you
and your mind will be still

All that will matter
is the feeling in your heart
and the way you will yearn for them
when you are apart

You will not think
of what they lack
when you feel their soft touch
on your arms, hands and back

The key to true happiness
is to let go of it all
trust in God above
listen to his call

He will guide you
to the arms you belong
to the person you were meant for
and supposed to be with all along

Happiness is waiting
for a gem such as you
forever I will only want
what is best for you 11:11

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely wonderful! So touching and deep. I love the incredible imagery: the light of life, glow of soul, the cold and wet rain, etc. Breathtaking command of language and, like I said, masterful use of symbolic imagery. Love it!