Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Captured by Love..

Captured by Love

I almost gave up on love once
thought my feelings I could control
Until his kiss touched me within
 reaching deep into my soul

I tried to look away from him
fight the emotions rising inside
but my walls started crumbling
rushing in like the ocean's tide

I felt myself come alive again
fears erased by a soft touch
I tried to will it all away
but I began to care too much

I dont know what the future holds
insecurities sometimes still arise
but then it all seems ok 
looking into his loving eyes

I never expected this to happen
I no longer hear the warning alarms
I never thought I would once again
feel I belong in someones arms

I will put my trust in destiny
Fate will show me the way
and If somehow I get hurt
I know I will be okay

For now I will enjoy each moment
and not worry about the future days
accept the love that has been given to me
that has set my heart ablaze

I will surrender myself to him
and trust in God up above
for when I put my guard down
He captured me with his love.....  


  1. B-E-A-UUUTIFUL! <3

  2. Very nice Lauren. I enjoyed the second half more than the first but as usual your writing shows an emotional attachment to your words that very few people can portray successfully. :)

  3. Thanks Kel and Dan! I always value your input Dan and truly appreciate your honesty!! I honestly have not been writing to my potential lately..heart and mind not into it as much..but it will come back!! I agree with all your comments btw! :)