Friday, March 11, 2011

Spirit Within

This poem was written about the time I had escaped from a bad relationship in my past.  It is a story of the spirit.  The spirit that lives inside all of us.  The one thing that nobody can take away.  The one thing that gives us the strenth to go on, even when things seem hopeless..whispers in our ear.."try again" " do not give up" "I must be free"....   

My spirit soars
above all the pain
above the hurtful words,
the bruises, the lies.

My spirit flies
away to somewhere free
filled with love
where you cannot hurt me

My spirit lives
in a place of serenity
protected by my mind
where I can be me

My spirit cannot be broken
as can bones or a heart
the spirit inside me
never left from the start

My spirit is strong
gives me courage each day
wounded and scarred
but here to stay

My spirit has awakened
No longer locked behind a door
allowing peace and light inside
to shine once more....


  1. You have such a pure soul Lauren. Your spirit deserves to be free. This is beautiful.

  2. I agree with Dan, only a soul as beautiful as Lauren can create such provacitive images. Wonderful writing, love it!