Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unhappy People

Jack Lalanne was a man who believed in good nutrition and exercise long before it became popular in the United States.  He believed in simplicity.  A simple life = a happy life.  He was wise man who stood behind these beliefs throughout his whole entire life.  He lived what he believed in.

Jack Lalanne survived until the ripe old age of 96 finally succumbing to pneumonia yesterday, but he spent every year of his life LIVING.  He believed in nurturing and caring for the body and mind.  He held the key to a happy and fulfilled life and he shared it with the world.  I have always believed in his message, simple and clear.  Too many people are obsessed with success financially and ignore the spiritual side.  You can have all the money in the world, be a successful businessman but if you are not happy inside and with your life than it is all worthless.  Instead of striving to be wealthy in material things..strive to be wealthy in life.  Friends and family make us rich..not money.  Making others happy brings happiness upon ourselves..simplicity and seeing beauty in nature and in all around us is what brings happiness.  Most of all, loving ourselves is THE most important thing.

You can say you are a spiritual person reading and practicing but if you aren't taking care of yourself...body and mind than how can you reach the point of can you discover what you are really supposed to be and do in this life.  Like a plant growing from the earth we need to nourish ourselves in order to grow.  It is not a complicated equation yet people struggle to find this daily. 

Look around you everyday and find grace in the blessings that you DO have instead of focusing on what you don't.  Find peace in just being in the moment and realize that you don't have control over everything in your life.  As you realize this and release that control to God or a higher power, you will not only release a heavy burden but you will discover peace and serenity in knowing that things will be ok.  You need to let go and allow life to happen.  Have faith and things somehow, someway work out the way they are supposed to.  The letting go part is difficult. 

This does not mean that we should not work daily to try to better ourselves.  This is necessary.  It is a daily practice and some days are more difficult then others.  I try to take a few minutes every day to stop everything.  Relax to some quiet music, close my eyes and just be.  To take the time to appreciate each breath and all my blessings around me.

I have always said that the happiest people I know have very little.  They enjoy family time and will find joy in doing free things..that do not cost a thing.  They might not be able to visit some exotic location but they will go camping, laugh and have a great time.  I know more successful people who are too busy working to ever enjoy time like this.  It is about making the best out of the life you are given.  Authentic living.

Jack Lalanne mentioned that people just don't smile anymore.  It is true and it is sad.  Smiling not only makes you feel good but others as well.  I smile at people I pass in a store, on the street and at work.  A smile does so much to change someone's day.  If I see someone who looks unhappy or even grouchy and miserable, I will especially take the time to smile at them because it is they that need it the most. 

Jack Lalanne's message will always live on.  I hope that we all can learn from him and start living the life that we were meant to!! Peace & Happiness ~ Lauren...RIP Jack Lalanne

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  1. Great piece, Lauren, I shall post it on my FB page so that all my friends can enjoy your incredible message. Thanks!