Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodbye my Love

Goodbye My Love

Goodbye my love
I have to go
Always remember
I love you so...

Goodbye my love
like the wind does blow
my heart is calling
for me to grow

Goodbye my love
I will never forget
for what we had
I will never regret

Goodbye my love
like I treasure I hold deep
inside my heart
our love I will keep

Goodbye my love
I've learned a lot
Please be happy
don't be distraught

Goodbye my love,
open up your heart
for happiness awaits you
 but we must be apart

Goodbye my love
what we had was true
our souls were brought together
and I will never forget you...



  1. this is cute lauren...It sounds as if you are letting go of something that you already let go of. But this feels like you thought you owed an explanation or felt that that you had to officially say goodbye even though your heart had already moved on.
    Forgive me if I'm on the wrong page completely.

  2. Hi Dan, you are right on spot as usual ;). Thank you for the comment :)