Saturday, March 26, 2011

Night Falls

The twilight above me
so obscure and sullen
dispirting clouds conceal
the stars on this lightless night

moonlit shadows
cast upon my room
amongst the darkness
as a single tear falls

the wind howls
weaving through trees
the cold draft in the air
rivals my emotionless heart

Midnight comes fast
tossing and turning
my sleepless body
thoughts obstruct dreams

visions of love
and someone to hold
hope clings to my heart
sadness carries me away

I drift off into unconsciousness
feeling no pain, just peace
as the tears dry
tomorrow will come quickly...


  1. Lauren,

    These last two poems are simply beautiful writings. What deep and wonderful soul you must have to be able to grasp these eternal essences from the life force that surrounds us and sculpt then into these precious literary jewels for us mere mortals to enjoy. our lives greatly enriched by their redemptive message. Keep it up!


  2. I concur with Tony... Lauren you have a gift and I want to thank you for letting me (us), read the works of a true literary genius.

  3. Yes, Dan, I agree with you, she IS a literary genius! To be so in tune with the universal life force is something I'm so jealous of!