Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Writer's Therapy

Writer's Therapy

Love has abandoned me
in my life so many times
that the only cure to the pain
are in words, are in rhymes

My heart always ends up broken 
Tears fall full of anguish and pain
and when I cant find the rainbow
behind the clouds, after the rain 

I seek refuge behind paper
or my computer screen
attempting to heal the crack in my heart
now resembling a deep ravine

Like blood flows from the veins
my feelings through verses pour out 
until my body feels lifeless and drained
like a long summers drought

Poetry my confidant 
containing so much of my emotion
like a life raft thrown into the waters
saving me from the vast ocean

Written words expressed
a type of healing occurs
I let go of the hurt
as the pain transfers

My expectations are not much
for this feeling may only be brief
but momentarily my cares go away 
my body feels so much relief

learning so much from my own words 
lessons needed so desperately
I gain strength, growth and healing
throughout my writer's therapy..

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  1. Lauren... Once again you have captured the essence of your subject. Simply brilliant.