Monday, March 14, 2011

Wounded Heart

Wounded heart
bleeding from inside
a part of my soul
has withered and died

To know what I have been through
and to hurt me this way
has renewed my belief
that love is not here to stay

I am not meant for love
nor is it meant for me
my heart, my soul, my spirit
is meant to be free

I have always been a woman
who has survived and been strong
but I am only human
and it has been so long

I am shattered in pieces
weakened by pain
and there's only so much
my spirit can contain

I am now a woman
broken beyond repair
for life is tough
and rarely is it fair  ..

I am ready to let go
give in and not fight
and pray to God above
to give me some respite

The lock has been broken
and forever more I have changed
released from the grips of love
never again will I be chained

I am out of this game
and numbness has set in
for one cold & lonely day
has changed me within....


  1. Lauren.. This is amazingly beautiful.. You are a poetic angel.

  2. <3 Beautiful, Dark and Deep...All I have to say is true love will set you free beautiful... Please do not ever think you were not meant for love!