Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clock Ticks

The  Clock Ticks

The clock ticks
breaking the silence
of a sobbing heart
and time goes on ...

the hands slowly creep
taunting as they move
around a neverending circle
reminder of days begotten

What is time but a recollection
of regret, sadness or possibly splendor
that with each passing moment
slowly fades into blurred memories

Seconds, minutes and hours
each moment vital to our soul
carrying with it potential or loss
filling us with hopes and dreams

Time moves on continuously
as does our journey in this life
never constant, forever changing
for it is the one thing we can't control

The clock ticks
and in the silence
my heart begins to heal
within an emerging future ....

(GREAT song and nothing to do with my poem -
called "Clocks" by Coldplay)


  1. Lauren,

    You know that I believe you're a literary genius and this poem illustrates why. The way you depict the clock's hands plodding along to the down mood is simply spectacular. Shakespeare wrote "sad hours seem long." You captured Shakespeare's spirit here! Wow, simply amazing; you think along the same lines as the eternal master!

    - Tony