Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ocean

She welcomes me in all her vast glory
her majestic and immense presence
a billion sparkles of light shimmer
like diamonds scattered around her
reflecting against the suns rays
and tempoarily erased with foam tipped crests

She is life in its most natural form
for so much vitality covers every part of her
she sways in a rythmic motion singing a watery lullaby
and below, energy exists in a perfect symphony
filled with resplendant colors and continuous  motion
in the steady universal flow of the circle of life..

The clouds linger above her always following
drifting in their perpetual moodiness
having the ability to change at any moment
within them the power to anger the aqueous mass below
the current surging forward in a temper tantrum
as it curls and rises towards the summoning sandy base

The sun is harsh burning hot and salt seasons the lips
as seagulls swirl and hover above crying out
looking for hidden treasures below the canopy of the sea
where exotic creatures move to and fro in an uninvasive world
existing in a mysterious space of refined senses,
concerts of soft melodies and spectacular light shows

Above, the horizon is seen in the distance through the haze
Its orange and purple colors like a broad paint stroke across the sky
the moons light bounces off the waters guiding them with its tractive force
 as night takes over day, the changing colors are not only a feast for the eyes
but a reminder to cherish the moment, for tomorrow is not promised
and as we sail towards the future, our dreams lie as endless as the ocean ...


  1. Lauren,

    Another brilliant masterpiece! Pretty soon you'll have enough material for a compilation. I'm sure it'll be a best seller.


  2. Lauren.
    Thanks for sharing! Absolutely breathtaking!!!!