Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lotus

One of my favorite flowers other than the majestic rose is the lotus.  The lotus in Buddhism is a symbol of purity of the body, speech & mind.  It grows from muddy waters but its beautiful flowers blossom above on long stalks.

So this year, I will use the symbolism of the lotus to inspire me. I will work on purity of the body by eating clean, being healthy and taking care of my body.  I will work on purity of speech by making people feel good, by being kind and gentle with my words.  I will work on purity of the mind by working on worrying less, meditating and trying to be more "in the moment".

The fact that the beautiful blossoms of the lotus grow above the muddy waters, reminds me that even though I have been stuck in the mud., no matter how difficult the past is or circumstances are...I can rise above and blossom into the woman I want to be.  No more excuses.   

I will work on my spirit above all. Just as water drops slide off the lotus leaf, we cannot attach ourselves to material things or outside influences  They are not permanent and eventually "slide" off.  Changes within are.  In order to reach new year goals and for them to stick you have to be happy with yourself, everything else eventually falls into place.

    "I love the lotus because while growing from mud, it is unstained" ~ Zhou Dunyi, Confucian Scholar

So, my friends, my message to you is that no matter how much "mud" you have been in don't let it "stain" you.  Remember that it is a new year.  A time for new beginnings.  Lotus pedals unfold and is a great time for you to do the same.  Have faith, hope and persistence.  Reach inside to find what you really want and go for it. Rise above the negative thoughts (mud).  Make your dreams come true.  Let yourself shine.  You will be amazed at the beautiful person that will "bloom" ~

  "Like the lotus, you experience three primary stages of evolution. The first is marked by ignorance and darkness, when you lie below the dense mud - a closed chysalis - which, by nature of existence, will eventually be pulled upwards by the warmth of the Sun. The second is exemplified by the climb through the clouded waters of your emotional experience, yet still the flower reaches to the Sun, knowing no other destiny ... no other purpose. The third brings full illumination in the splendour of the light. The Lotus flower blossoms, baring its exquisite beauty to all those who are aware, enough to recognise God unfolding." ~ Patricia Cori

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